From Blackpool With Love….Songs NOT to Play in the Cath Lab

We read with interest the article by Ripley and colleagues  titled “Randomized Controlled Trial on the Impact of Music Therapy during Cardiac Catheterization on Reactive Hyperemia Index and Patient Satisfaction: The Functional Change in Endothelium after Cardiac Catheterization, with and Without Music Therapy (FEAT) Study” in the September edition of the Journal of Invasive Cardiology.

Like many other centers in the UK we frequently play a random selection of music in the cath lab, some of which seem inappropriate at times! We sought to collate a list of 10 songs “NOT to play in the cath lab” and to present our findings to the audience.

Methods: Cath Lab staff (Appendix 1) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, UK was invited to nominate songs NOT to play in the cath lab. A committee was set up to choose the top 10 entries. Where there was divergence of opinion, the chair of the committee had the final say. A final list was reached (Table 1).

We hope that the audience will find the list useful and perhaps suggest other inappropriate songs not to play in the cath lab.

Table 1. Songs NOT to Play in the Cath Lab!

  • Meat is Murder, by The Smiths
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper, by The Blue Oyster Cult
  • Another One Bites the Dust, by Queen
  • I Had it My Way, by Frank Sinatra
  • In My Time of Dying, by Led Zeppelin
  • Dead, by My Chemical Romance
  • If I Die Sudden, by John Mellencamp
  • Your Time Has Come, by Audioslave
  • First Cut is the Deepest, by Sheryl Crow
  • I’m Horny, by T. Mousse

Dr Ahmed Farag, MSc, MRCP
Cardiology Dept, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Cardiology Dept
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Whinney Heys Road
Blackpool, FY3 8NR
United Kingdom

Appendix 1. Authors.

A. Farag;  J. Kelsall;  I. Binmore;  L. Clark;  D. Forsyth;  M. Myers;  I. Nelson;  P. Redman; C. Rees;  L. Smith;  J. Ballantyne;  K. Brownwood;  G. Burnett;  A. Conroy;  D. Crook;        P. Elson;  H. Fordham;  A. Goode;  K. Hawkins;  N. Ladd;  J. Lawson;  C. Mann;                M. Mann;  C. Pomfret;  G. Richmond;  S. Arthur;  J. Banks;  C. Brown;  T. Dickens;             C. Hetherington;  R. Hibbert;  K. Jackson;  H. Navin;  L. Ogden;  S. Polland;  E. Rowe;      M. Sreenan;  C. Stonley;  R. Sankaranarayanan;  I. Temple;  A. Ibrahim;  D, Harrison;       M. Kahn;  Y. Chua;  G. Lutaaya;  S. Pillay;  J. Wojciuk;  C. Cassidy;  I. Rahman;                   A. Chauhan;  Y. Alnajjar;  J. Eichhӧfer;  G. Goode;  G. Galasko;  S. Gall;  S. Chalil;  A. Seed; A. Wiper;  D. Roberts;  R. More;  M. Luckie;  M. Brack

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