Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Method Could Advance Further

by Mark Arokiaraj

This is a theoretical method to augment ventricular contraction using electro-active polymers in the conventional cardiac resynchronization therapy method. Also the model could be improvised with left ventricular endocardial pacing wire carrying a MR reduction device, which works by mechanically reducing the effective regurgitation orifice by occlusion. The method was built in-vitro. As the method is in initial stages, it requires improvisation with advancement in polymer science.


Mark Arokiaraj et al published the study in the Journal of Invasive Cardiology, August 2013 edition

Mark Arokiaraj, MD, DM, Luis Guerrero, MD, Robert Levine, MD, Igor Palacios, MD  “A Theoretical Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Method to Augment Ventricular Contraction Using Polymer-Based Actuators and Mitral Regurgitation Reduction With Devices Over Left Ventricular Endocardial Pacing Wire — An In-Vitro Study”.   J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2013; 25(8):415-420.

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