We Need Independent Clinical Trial Initiatives

By Javier Martín de la Torre-Hernández, MD

Drug-eluting stents (DES) have widely open the field of research in interventional cardiology. These devices are no longer “simple metallic springs” with minor and subtle differences in cell or strut geometry. Their platforms differ in material and architecture. There are many possible variations in polymer composition or durability, even it may be absent. New cytostatic drugs are used in different dosages and release patterns. There is not definitely a class effect for DES. Given all this, the need for multiple comparative trials is imperative. The newcomer DES has to be compared with the “gold standard” DES of the moment. However, the clinical differences between the new DES are becoming really narrow and large and quite expensive trials are needed. Finally when the trial is done, the restrictions to the inclusion limit its applicability. On the other side the penetration of new DES in practice is fast and precedes the availability of evidences from the trials. Off label usage is usual and may reveal new problems not previously noted in the trials. This has been the case for the new DES addressed in our study, the Promus Element. Some cases of longitudinal compression or shortening have been described with these stents and bench testing studies have reported particular mechanical properties.

Given all this, we need independent clinical trials initiatives. We have compared two DES sharing drug and polymer but differing in the platform. We are aware of the limited size of our randomized study but the trial scenario was really an “all comers”. We have observed in this sample a quite similar performance for both DES and no mechanical issues were appreciated for the new Promus Element stent. These results suggest that, even though these alterations are possible, their incidence will still be very low and with a very limited clinical impact. This is only a minor piece of knowledge, but it is better than nothing.

Further reading: Hernandez et al / April 2013 / Journal of Invasive Cardiology   A Real All-Comers Randomized Trial Comparing Xience Prime and Promus Element Stents

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