Apple lists top apps for medical professionals

Many surveys have reported that healthcare professionals are early and avid adopters of mobile devices and apps, this is probably especially true for interventional cardiologists where rapidly-changing technology is part of daily patient treatment. Apple has released a list of its top 80 apps for providers and patients, among them many cardiology apps. From the article “Apple’s top 80 apps for doctors, nurses, and patients,” by mobihealth, here are a few of the apps listed that may be of special interest:

  • MedPage Today Mobile:  “MedPage Today Mobile puts breaking medical news and CME/CE credits at your fingertips, with daily coverage of over 30 specialties and annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia. Features breaking medical news, audio reports, and video reports.”.
  • EMR & PATIENT MONITORING APPS ; Access to facility medical records system. Patient Monitoring enable clinicians to check-in on patients or review their vital signs from their mobile device without having to be at the bedside.
  • Heart Murmur Pro: “Learn heart murmurs the easiest way possible with Heart Murmur Pro. With 23 heart sounds included along with a wealth of clinically relevant information for each, you’ll master heart sounds in no time at all.”
  • CARDIO3 Comprehensive Atlas of Echocardiography: “A reference/learning tool for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, internists, other physicians, and sonographers evaluating echocardiograms for ultrasound diagnosis.”
  • AirStrip Cardiology: AirStrip Cardiology allows clinicians to review the extent of a patient’s ECG history. It can receive 12 lead ECG waveforms and other data wirelessly from Emergency Medical Services (i.e. an ambulance) and the hospital ECG management system.
  • CTisus iQuiz: The HD Edition: “One of the classic formats for learning radiology has always been the quiz. In this application we provide you with our latest innovation in CT education taking advantage of the iPad and iPhone. Unique capabilities allowing us to provide an easy to use environment that combines images, text and sound to enhance the learning experience.”
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